Friday, 25 July 2014

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Mornings in Paris serves a wide assortment of pastries, cakes, cookies, brownies, sandwiches, soups, ice cream/gelato and even home made waffles. There is something delicious for every palate and the croissants are the finest in Portland. The owner, Isabelle Julien and her mother, Bernadette, create many of the baked goods themselves. These treats include chocolate raspberry cake, lemon coconut cake, raspberry tarts, and lemon meringue tarts. Try our (gluten-free) Parisian Macaroons in 12 different flavors — from honey-lavender to dark chocolate.

Some of the food is seasonal, the soups being primarily served during the winter months and the Maine Pie Line hand pies during the summer months.  Other specialties include cookies from 13th Cookie, whoopie pies from Cranberry Island Kitchen, frappes and smoothies in the summer, Madelines, raspberry oat bars and much more. There are fresh bagels; breakfast sandwiches and finely crafted Bon Maman jam from France.

Mornings in Paris is also well known for the specialty drinks it serves in addition to the standard array of espresso creations. They include Chai Lattes, both from House Spicy and Oregon Green Chai. Soymilk is featured on the menu along with Mochas, and coffee creations such as the Crème Brule and Cupcake Cappuccinos.